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FearLess Fridays is a weekly project designed to help people learn and practice everyday safety skills–the same basic skills I teach in self defense workshops–via very small, simple steps that fit easily into daily life. I’ll be posting new installments every Monday for twelve weeks, starting on January 27, 2014. Yes, on Monday. Here’s how it works:

Each Monday, I’ll post an easy-to-do activity that will improve your personal safety. It’ll be something you can try out without disrupting your daily routine. You’ll need a partner for some activities, but they’ll all be simple and quick. During the week, you’ll practice the skill as opportunities arise, and report back via comments, Facebook, or Twitter (@SusanSchorn, #FearLessFriday). On Friday, I’ll summarize your responses, and we’ll reflect on how the week’s practice has changed our perspective on safety. The goal is to acquire basic self defense skills in a practical and convenient way, without the time commitment of a full-fledged self defense class.That’s it. One simple thing to do, cued up for you on Monday morning, that will make you feel safer by Friday.

Sound like fun? If you want FearLess Fridays to show up in your email box automatically each week, you can sign up* with the email form my friend Amy has helped me install over there in the righthand sidebar. Or you can follow me on Twitter @SusanSchorn, where I’ll be Tweeting links every Monday. I’ll also be posting the links on Facebook (and of course you can just bookmark this site and swing by on Monday mornings), so you’ll have many ways to access the activities and contribute your feedback. I hope you’ll join us!

If you miss the start of FearLess Fridays, don’t worry! I’ll archive each week’s activity on this page, and you can start trying them out any time.

FearLess Fridays, Week One : Recognize Your Comfort Zone
(Bonus: Week One Extra Credit!)
FearLess Fridays, Week Two: Make Eye Contact
FearLess Fridays, Week Three: Practice Assertive Body Language
FearLess Fridays, Week Four: Say No
FearLess Fridays, Week Five: Claim Your Space
FearLess Fridays, Week Six: Notice People and Assess Situations
FearLess Fridays, Week Seven: Be Loud
FearLess Fridays, Week Eight: Learn the Best Targets and Weapons
FearLess Fridays, Week Nine: Devise Exit Strategies
FearLess Fridays, Week Ten: State What You Want-
FearLess Fridays, Week Eleven: Inquire and Connect
FearLess Fridays, Week Twelve: Pass it On

4 thoughts on “FearLess Fridays

  1. I would like to get these emails. Do you also teach class in real life? Thanks!

  2. I do teach at Sun Dragon in Austin, TX. I think our next workshop is coming up in February, but you can check the website: http://www.sundragon.org. If you want to get the FearLess Friday emails, just plug your address in to the form over in the right sidebar.

  3. I was playing with making eye contact with people at Walmart, and most of them looked down before I could look away. Am I that scary?

  4. I’m sure you’re not! People just aren’t used to it. It’s a little bit startling when someone acts assertive, especially a woman. But it also signals power. One thing I’ve noticed since I started making eye contact more regularly: People come up and ask me for directions. Making eye contact indicates that you are in control of the situation, and are likely to have useful knowledge.

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