Seido Black Belt Test (Shodan)

Some images from my first Seido black belt test, In October 2007. These feature the craptacular interior of the old Riverside dojo. God I miss that place. Except during December, January, and May through August.

Candidates removing their white belts prior to the awarding of new black belts.

Removing our white belts at the test’s end.

That’s me in front, wearing the gi that’s two sizes too large. Behind me are Denise, KJ, Amy, and one of our junior students  (I try not to identify anyone under 18 by name, unless I gave birth to them).

Black belt being tied on by Shihan Nancy.

Jun Shihan Nancy Lanoue tying on my new Seido black belt.

When you receive your black belt, you’re supposed to take your white belt home and keep it until your next black belt test. I think this was actually the white belt I wore when I started martial arts training in 1987, in Cha Yon Ryu. I wore it again in 2011 for my Seido nidan test.

Black belts and instructors after test.

All the new shodans, with our teachers.

And here we are post test. In the back row, L-R: Junior black belt, me, KJ, Amy, Denise. Front row: Sensei Suzanne Pinette (founder of Sun Dragon), Jun Shihan Nancy Lanoue (Head Instructor, Thousand Waves, Chicago), Sensei Joy Williamson (Head Instructor, Sun Dragon), Senpai Kate Webster (Thousand Waves).

Susan Schorn and family.

One big happy family.

And here I am with Scott and the kids; Lilly and Dave are holding some of the debris from the tameshiwari portion of the test.