Photos & Video

The book trailer for Smile at Strangers!
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Another short video we shot to support Smile at Strangers, on basic self defense releases and counters. Featuring my extremely obliging husband, Scott. I made him dress down so he’d look more threatening.
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A third video we shot, in about 20 minutes, at a bus stop near my house. Scott was kneed in the groin approximately 300 times during this shoot.YouTube Preview Image

Some outtake footage from the promotional video we shot for Smile at StrangersBearhug Releases, or, How To Knee Your Husband In the Groin.

More outtake footage from the book promo video shoot: Why I’ll Never Work in Hollywood.

Tameshiwari: Some clips from the dojo, where we had a board-breaking clinic in advance of the 2012 black belt test.

Me, breaking a board, from the floor. A specialization I’ve been working on lately.

Splitting the Difference: A short reading on mothers, daughters, and karate that I performed at the 2012 Listen to Your Mother show in Austin.

A page of photos from my Shodan Test, 2007—this was my first belt test in the Seido system, and it was for black belt. No pressure.

And just for fun, I invite you to enjoy this photo of G.I. Joe and Gomer Pyle having a completely realistic fight over an automatic weapon:

Demonstration of front checking kick

“Bitch!” G.I. Joe is saying, “Let GO of my GUN!”

Please don’t try this at home (at least, not if you’re holding an assault rifle). Though I commend the editors of Black Belt Magazine for devoting an entire page to the Front Checking Kick, I have to say that the First Lesson we teach at Sun Dragon is not “Lean way back off balance and shoot yourself in the foot.”

Let’s be safe out there, everyone.