New fiction! Six short stories, exploring themes of danger, courage, and triumph: Small Heroes.

In her first short story collection, McSweeney’s columnist Susan Schorn presents six tiny epics, each featuring an unlikely, everyday hero. The protagonists—among them an ambitious Cadillac salesman, a despondent Japanese retiree, and a nurse in a children’s hospital—face challenges from the heart-stopping to the absurd, providing glimpses of courage, initiative, and sacrifice on a distinctly human scale. In Small Heroes, Schorn reminds us that true heroism isn’t confined to fantastic worlds and high romance; it can flourish on more familiar ground as well.

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  1. So glad I found this site… Bitchslap is one of my favorite blogs! For a practitioner of male-dominated traditional martial arts, this is a breath of fresh air. Definitely proud to fight like a girl! Thanks Susan Schorn for your awesome insights!

  2. Dear Ms. Schorn

    I recently read your article about kicking a man in the balls over at Jezebel. And color me awe struck but I just can’t shake the gut wrenching feeling I recieved while reading it.

    I believe it was a very appropriate article and I’m sure you may have taken a little heat from it but it was a solid read and hopefully it will prevent what could be an awful situation.

    Now off-topic since this is in my head your already a bona-fide badass whom can probably incapacitate most men and women already. But just hypothetically speaking if me and you were to get into a voluntary fight, I can’t help but picturing you completely kicking my ass but me walking in a man and walking out a little boy with his legs crossed cringing in pain.
    Just the sheer pain you yourself could potentially inflict on a man is very cringe worthy and could potentially devastating to a guys ‘manhood’. Very psychologically decapitating is how I felt throughout your Jezebel article. Good read as stated.

    Hopefully a potential attacker better rethink his plan before he lays a hand on a women!

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