The eternal struggle between mankind and lumber

My ability at breaking (tameshiwari) is nothing to write home about, but breaks from the floor have been a hobby of mine for a couple of years. This video of me breaking a single board with a side kick was taken by Sun Dragon student Vanessa on her phone (so please excuse the low resolution) at a demo earlier this year:

YouTube Preview Image

Breaking from a prone position is challenging; it denies you the benefits of gravity and momentum you rely on when standing. Correct technique becomes much more important (which is why I spend so much time in the video getting my ass into exactly the right position). But I love breaking from the floor because it has practical applications for groundfighting.

One of these days I’ll film and post the whole 4-part, 4-direction, ground-level breaking sequence I’ve put together: hammerfist to the instep, side kick to the knee, front snap kick to the jaw, and rising hammerfist to the groin. The biggest obstacle to doing all four breaks in sequence is finding enough holders; I might be able to arrange it during Sun Dragon’s annual Kickathon fundraiser in November.