FearLess Fridays Week One Extra Credit!


What can you do to increase your comfort level or safety in a situation where someone is too close? You have lots of options!

  • Assert control over the space between you: Step away to a more comfortable distance (try to pivot and move away on an angle rather than straight back) and re-orient yourself to the other person with your shoulders squared.
  • Use a low hand gesture to fill the space between you and establish a definite boundary. A casual wave might work for a friend; a palm-down “Whoa!” gesture for someone you don’t know.
  • Establish your boundary verbally—using as much politeness as the situation calls for: “Could I have a little more space?” “I need you to move back,” or “Hey, don’t crowd me!”

Be sure to move purposefully—don’t shuffle or shrink—and maintain eye contact as you speak and move.

One thought on “FearLess Fridays Week One Extra Credit!

  1. I like to put one hand in my pocket as I’m walking away. Just saying, if you can’t beat the concealed weapons laws in Texas, you might as well take advantage of the idea that you could be carrying something dangerous in your pocket.
    I’m only half kidding here.
    FearLess Fridays rocks. Or FearLess Fridays rock. Or FearLess Friday rocks.