Thoughts on Hobby Lobby, plus bonus crochet pattern!

PinkSmAs we await the Supreme Court’s decision in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., you may want to pick up some yarn and crochet along with me on one of my great-aunt’s afghans. The pattern is provided at the end of this piece on The Hairpin: Spin, Measure, Cut: Hobby Lobby and the Tangled Skein of Reproductive Rights.

When you were raised to regard America as a refuge from ignorance and despotism—as many children and grandchildren of immigrants are—there’s something perverse about standing in the aisle at Hobby Lobby, contemplating all the varieties of yarn and what you might make of them, and realizing that, if you worked there, you’d have less control over your own healthcare, your own body, your own religious beliefs, and your own procreative decisions than you would over a stupid afghan.