Upcoming Smile at Strangers Event: Sun Dragon and BookWoman!

If you missed my reading at BookPeople, you have another chance to hear from and about Smile at Strangers, and meet a bunch of the people in it. Next Wednesday, August 7th, I’ll be reading at the dojo itself–Sun Dragon Martial Arts and Self Defense, NFP–in the Westgate Village shopping center (across Westgate from the south Central Market location).

Bring a friend and leave your shoes by the door! The legendary independent, locally-owned BookWoman will be with us, selling copies of the book.

Date: Wednesday, August 7
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Place: Sun Dragon, 4534 W Gate Blvd Ste 101, Austin TX

I’m all over the place

Online and in real life. Today I have a new column up at McSweeney’s, titled, “We Will Lift Each Other Up”:

Pregnancy is a transition, a time of overlap, when one organism gradually shapes another into something approaching independent existence. There are few clear-cut milestones on this journey; it is at one and the same time a miracle, and a complex, failure-prone mechanical process.

I also have a guest post up at The Rude Pundit, a real privilege, as that blog did much to keep me sane during the Bush presidency. This post, like the newest installment of Bitchslap, is about the fight for women’s reproductive rights in Texas:

A conservative male Texas legislator, contemplating the problem of female sexuality, basically sees himself as a bull–not a tough, range-savvy Longhorn, but a pampered, cosseted beef industry breeding machine, with all the female fecundity of his species as his lawful due. He feels entitled to respectful handling, ready access to his herd, and docile receptacles for his valuable seed, which it is his right and duty to propagate.

Also also, See Jane Write Magazine is running an excerpt from Smile at Strangers today! See Jane Write is a wonderful website based in Birmingham, Alabama, dedicated to writing, wellness, and women’s empowerment. Be sure to read their excellent collection of links to women writing about the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial.

Finally, I’m packing to head northward for the annual National Women’s Martial Arts Federation special training, which will be in  Naperville, IL this year. Looking forward to meeting up with some fellow women martial artists whom I don’t get to see often enough! Keep an eye on my Twitter feed (@SusanSchorn) if you can’t come and want to see what all the excitement is about.

New Podcast Interview!

Last Monday I visited Austin Kung Fu Academy, to talk with Sifu Santanu Rahman and instructor Ariel Rodriguez as part of their Kung Fu Konversations podcast series. It was a lot of fun–it’s always fun to talk shop with fellow martial artists–and we covered some topics that I don’t normally get to talk about in more mainstream media interviews. Have a listen as we discuss the lasting appeal of martial arts, the importance of rolling and falling skills, and the sublime weirdness of the ads found in the back of Black Belt Magazine.

Kung Fu Konversations Episode 14–Smile at Strangers