Live-tweeting Rousey-Carmouche tonight!

Boxing glovesIf you find me on Twitter (see link to the right), you can follow along tonight as I live-tweet UFC 157, culminating in the ground-breaking title match between Rhonda Rousey and Liz Carmouche. Well over half of the dojo will be crammed into my living room for this, and I will be sharing their considerable expertise with you, completely unfiltered. Jan, for example, knows all of the Octogan girls by name.

I’m especially excited about this fight because I addressed the lack of women in pro fighting last year in one of my Bitchslap columns for McSweeney’s, Making Weight. I was advocating for more women fighters in the heavier weight classes, which we won’t see tonight, but this fight is an important start, I hope, toward a greater public awareness and celebration of women’s physical power, rather than valuing them only for body types that fit a sexualized male fantasy.

The full card is:

Magny – Manly (welter)

Robertson – Jardine (welter)

Bermudez – Grice (feather)

Stout – Fodor (light)

McGee – Neer (middle)

Chiesa – Kuivanen (light)

Schaub – Johnson (heavy)

Koscheck – Lawler (welter)

Faber – Menjivar (bantam)

Machida – Henderson (light heavy)

Rousey – Carmouche (bantam)

New McSweeney’s Column

I have a new column up today (my 42nd!) about women in combat. With a short detour through 17th-century Germany:

The authorities in Stuttgart, having resolved to save their own skins by sacrificing their friends down the road, sent a couple of envoys over to Schorndorf to explain the impending surrender, and arrange what they no doubt advertised as a peaceful transfer of power from German hands to French. Stuttgart’s decision-makers expected the residents of Schorndorf to do what good citizens have always done upon receiving such official reassurances: bury the silver and hide in the swamp. But the Schorndorfers defied those expectations.

Or rather, the women of Schorndorf did.

The Women of Schorndorf